Our physical bodies and energetic bodies are entwined. The physical, psychological, or emotional traumas affect the functioning of our chakras (energy systems). For living a blissful and healthy life, the body demands a smooth flow of energies because the blocked energies create disturbance and contribute to various physical, emotional, or psychological ailments.

Reiki is a popular therapy related to energy healing to create an energetic space for the smooth flow of energies in the body.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient yet simple healing method popular for promoting overall wellbeing. With the help of gentle touch, a positive frame of mind, and energy transfer, reiki is believed to heal emotional traumas, balance energy levels, and steer spiritual growth. The benefits attached to this non-invasive approach to energy transfer are endless.

Reiki helps people become emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically balanced. Reiki masters use their gentle touch to deliver positive energy for promoting relaxation, reducing stress, improving & balancing the energy flow to remove and heal blockages from the body.

The energy healing treatment aims at restoring flow, balance, vitality, and harmony within the body.

Health Benefits of Energy Healing Reiki

  • Foster a meditative state
  • Assure consistent and unlocked energy flow to break energy blocks and balance mind-body-spirit connection
  • Remove toxins and strengthen the immune system
  • Bring clarity of mind and enhanced focus
  • Enhance body’s natural self-healing ability
  • Relieve pain and stress and encourage better sleep

Popular Reiki Techniques

  • Crystal therapy
  • Chakra healing wands
  • Quantum healing
  • Qigong
  • Pranic healing

Spiritual Healing with Oneself

Reiki addresses and heals you as a whole. It is not only about physical wellbeing. Instead, it focuses on the whole person – the mind, spirit, and body. When the positive energy is transferred through reiki, it boosts your mood and improves your general attitude towards life. While propelling the internal body levels to return to their natural state, reiki also heals you from within and changes your perspective on the outside.

Energy healing connects you with your higher self and aids in clearing karmic and spiritual blocks. With the help of reiki symbols and techniques, you learn forgiveness, unlock access to angelic realms, and take ownership of your connection to the Divine that eventually reflects the actual change in your life.

Steps to Practice Self-Healing

By committing to this reiki self-healing practice, you can reap the benefits.

1. Sit in a comfortable posture that supports body and mind relaxation
2. Respect your intentions
3. Meditate
4. Reiki Percepts

  • Focus only on today
  • Remove anger
  • Do not worry
  • Be thankful
  • Diligent practice
  • Be compassionate about yourself and others

5. Welcome the guidance of spirits
6. Use hands-on healing
7. Say thanks to your guides

Concluding Remarks

Reiki energy resides within us and is always available. Even if you are not attuned to reiki energy healing, you practice self-healing. Your initial steps towards a reiki energy self-healing journey are a comfortable body posture, meditation, chanting reiki precepts, and hands-on healing. It only requires persistence, willingness, and courage to experience evolution.