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 Relax your body and refresh your mind with our range of holistic therapy treatments.

Our holistic therapy clinic in Birmingham is designed to give you the tools you need to re-balance your energy, focus on well-being, and manage any current illnesses as easily as possible.



Our Ethos:

Narié Holistic©And Naturopathic Healing Clinic provide professional Holistic And Naturopathy treatments for emotional Stress, anxiety and pain management.  Providing excellent healthcare advice from a registered Pharmacist for natural Energy healing and vitamin supplements for inflammation, Hair, Nails & Skin, hormone imbalance and general mental well-being.

Private Blood pressure monitoring and healthy living advice for Diabetes, Blood pressure and Skin Care. Taylor made recommendation for Natural supplements for healthy balanced diet.

Holistic therapy is also available for homeopathic preparation for DR. Bach Remedies, Medical Acupuncture, Auricular Face Pressure Massage, Hopi Ear Candle, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Consultations on Mindfulness Techniques, Such as Vipadsana and Raja Yoga Meditation. A complete Holistic Package from a Professional Practitioner.

Telephone appointment for supplements advice for diabetes, Blood pressure and stress management available on Monday & Tuesday between 10am Til 7pm.

We also conduct Workshops for Holistic Art Therapy, Meditation Techniques for Beginners, and Introduction to Holistic Health Approach. Please check  the workshop page for more details.

Narié Holistic Treatments For Stress, Anxiety And
Emotional And Physical Pain


Acupuncture Holistic Therapist in Birmingham

Although based on Chinese acupuncture, medical acupuncture (dry needling) is based on stimulating the nervous system to stimulate healing and regeneration.

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Reiki and Holistic Therapist in Birmingham and Brierley Hill

Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing technique designed to restore vital energy in your body. A treatment to restore and relax your mind, body and soul.


Hopi Ear

Hopi Ear Candle therapy Holistic Therapist in Birmingham and Brierley Hill

Brilliant for some cases of hearing loss or tinnitus, Hopi Ear Candling is designed to remove blocked wax from the ears.


Reiki Holistic Therapist in Birmingham and Brierley Hill

Using the earth’s natural healing properties to remove negativity from your system, Crystal Healing can help to rebalance your energy centers.   





Holistic And Naturopathic Therapy
To Balance Your Mind, Body And Soul 





Believe You Have The Power To Heal Thy Self

This quote from Hippocrates still rings true for us today. I also offer a natural supplement advisory service to point you towards the best supplements to help heal or manage your condition.





naturopathic pharmacist and Holistic Therapist in Birmingham




 Holistic Therapist in Birmingham and Brierley Hill



Qualified Pharmacist Offering Advice On Living With Medication And Natural Supplements

Our holistic therapist in Birmingham, Santhy, has years of experience working as a qualified pharmacist, and was led down the route of holistic therapy by so many patients walking in to the pharmacy seeking natural solutions or preventative measures.

She have an extensive knowledge of what supplements are available on the market, their remedial effects, and how easily they can be found in the local health shops


Therapy for Emotional Pain - Bereavement, Separation And Loss

Many of the holistic therapies on offer can help you to find peace with your emotional pain and begin to heal it.

Dealing with loss or illness of any kind can often be stressful and traumatic, and we provide a calming environment for you to begin to find peace again.















Learn To Manage Health Anxiety When Living With Illness

Worrying for the future can lead to a weakened immune system due to stress. Our holistic therapy treatments aim to help you manage your illness in the best possible way. Ease, clarity and rejuvenation are what we aim for.

Cancer patients, terminally ill patients and pre and post-op patients can greatly benefit from holistic therapy.




Complementary Therapies With No Side Effects


The holistic therapies are designed to help you manage or prevent illness and disease, stimulate wellbeing and leave you with no side effects whatsoever. Following nature’s principles is what we do best.

Mind, Body and Soul Holistic Therapist in Birmingham



Mind, Body And Soul Wellness


As a holistic therapist in Birmingham, I understand the importance of finding a balance between the mind, body and soul is key to being healthy, especially in the modern world where stress is abundant.




Air BnB Property At Our Clinic

For those who are looking for a truly relaxing getaway, we can also provide accommodation in a very relaxing location, just 10 minutes from the train station with links to Birmingham City Centre.


If you are interested in staying at, or you would like some more information about our onsite Air BnB property,  please contact our holistic therapist in Birmingham.

Stay At Our Holistic Clinic





Bach Remedies Available From
Narié Holistic Therapy

A great treatment for mental or emotional issues, Bach Flower Remedies are distributed with the individual’s personality in mind, to help resolve any emotional issues.

Contact our holistic therapist in Birmingham, Santhy for information on purchasing the right Bach remedy for you.


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 Bach Remedies from Holistic Therapist in Birmingham

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