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Narié Holistic And Naturopathic  Clinic In Birmingham

Narié holistic is a calming, refreshing, rejuvenating place for some of the best holistic therapies in Birmingham.

Whether you are looking for physical rejuvenation, coping techniques for touch time, illness management or supplement recommendations, we are the place for you.

Our Holistic Therapist In Birmingham,  Santhy Shetty, will provide a listening ear as well as a calming, rejuvenating holistic therapy service to bring you back to well being as much as possible.


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Bach Remedy: All Natural Ingredients

Santhy creates all natural Bach Remedies, other wise known as Rescue Remedies, from natural herbs and flowers. Each remedy is tailor made for those who suffer from anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and a whole range of quality of life affecting symptoms.

Contact Santhy for advice on which Bach Remedy is best suited for you.



Treatments Recognised By The NHS

The NHS recognises many alternative and holistic therapies to have an benefit on a patients mental state which is an important part of overcoming disease and illness.
Of course, we would never tell a client to substitute medication or medical care for holistic therapy, but to introduce holistic therapy to compliment and ease the often invasive procedures that are both mentally and physically draining when you are living with illness.




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Pain Management Method For Fibromyalgia Is Using Mind-body Therapy

There are several therapies such as mindfulness, movement therapy (yoga, tai chi), psychological (including CBT) and biofeedback (use of technology to give audio/visual feedback on physiological processes like heart rate). The National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine acknowledges that holistic therapies that are mind-body connected have shown an improvement in patients psychological and physical well-being.



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Get in touch with Santhy today to book your appointment. We can undertake telephone consultations to best advise which therapies would benefit you depending on your symptoms, whether you are dealing with anxiety, stress or living with disease, Santhy will recommend the best therapies for you.

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Hi And Welcome To Narié Holistic And
Naturophatic Healing Clinic!

My name is  Santhy Shetty,  a practising and registered Community Pharmacist with over 8 years of experiences and graduated from Aston University, Birmingham with a Master in Pharmacy (Mpharm) (MrpharmS).

I have completed a course on Soren Kierkegaard (Considered To Be The First Existentialist Philosopher) from Department For Continuing Education, University Of Oxford 2019.

I have worked with people from different backgrounds and health conditions covering various demographical areas within the UK as a Locum Pharmacist for Various National big chain Pharmacies  such as BOOTS, ROWLANDS, ASDA, MORRISON, NUFFIELD, MOD Prescriptions and BUPA CARE HOMES, as well as Independent Pharmacies in the Surgeriesduring these years. Currently I am also working for Lloyds Pharmacy Mckesson Group Europe as a Senior Relief Pharmacist Manager covering a large topographic areas of  Cotswold, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire.

I have a deep passion for Natural Healing and Metaphysics, and I am a professionally trained Holistic Therapist (MGHT). I believe that there is a Strong Connection between the mind, body and soul and that alternative/complimentary medicine can help to promote natural healing. Having extensive knowledge of both traditional and alternative medicine, I believe that,  Holistic Medicine can go hand in hand to enhance the benefit of client treatments and mental well-being  for certain chronic  conditions. The mind, body and soul have major influence on client experience as a whole. I believe in everyone as an individual who have experiences and circumstances that make them unique.

My special interests are preventative medicine, phytochemistry and pharmacognosy, including natural herbs and supplements to help and promote natural healing and well-being without any side effects.

Holistic Therapist in Birmingham and Brierley Hill





Our Holistic Therapy And Naturopathic Clinic In Birmingham

Our holistic therapy clinic in Birmingham has been designed to be a relaxing environment that promotes positive energy and a feeling of warmth and healing .

We believe strongly that ambience is key in promoting relaxation, and in turn relaxation promotes healing and positive thinking.




 Extend Your Stay With Our Air BnB Property

Our onsite Air BnB property is designed for you to experience the freedom of a holiday let with close links to Birmingham city centre and surrounding areas, all within a calming environment where you can revitalise your mind, body and soul all under one roof.

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At our holistic therapy and naturopathic clinic in Birmingham, we have a wide range of therapies and treatments that are ideal for patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, separation and loss, as well as patients who are living with physical pain and illness.

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